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Website FAQs

My requirements are very unique, are you sure you can help us?

Take a moment and review our website portfolio. We’ll sit down and talk with you to understand your requirements and determine if we’re the right fit. There are tons of design firms out there and if we prove to not be the right fit then we are sure you’ll find someone who is.

How is the cost of a new website determined?

Websites are quoted as flat fee projects. Our pricing structure is based on the package selected, the complexity of the requirements, the size of the website, and any add-on support such as search engine optimization, copywriting, logo design, and social media integration. Every project is unique and we try to set our pricing based on your specific needs and not some erroneous pricing scale.

Modification of existing themes, do you do that too?

The answer is it depends. There are all kind of modifications that we can do to existing themes but sometimes its just not the smart move depending on the age and functionality of the theme. In those instances, we’d recommend that its time to upgrade your theme.

What payment options do you offer?

Our primary payment method is PayPal. All projects require a 50% down payment with the remaining 50% due upon delivery.

How long will it take to build my new website?

This is always hard to say, as it will vary greatly by client. A smaller website can take as little as two weeks while a large, more complex website can take several months. In the same vein as costing, the timeframe for development varies based on complexity and the number of web pages and associated theme customization.

WordPress. That’s just for blogs right?

Not at all. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but it is now a full blown CMS that is used around the world for creating both blogs and highly complex corporate websites. Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress to power their website or blog.

What kind of hosting is required to run a WordPress website?

WordPress runs best on a Linux server with PHP 5 capabilities. Most hosting companies will easily support these requirements. If you have any concern on your hosting company’s support options, we are happy to investigate your existing hosting package and provide assistance with new hosting if needed. If shared hosting is enough for you and in general it is, we’re big fans and affiliates of InMotion Hosting. If you think you need something more, please let us know as we also have recommendations for more specialized hosting solutions.

Will I be able to update my website after you are done?

Absolutely. The thing we love about WordPress is the ease of use it provides. Each of our projects includes one hour of WordPress training, after which most of our clients will be more than capable of updating and adding website pages as needed. If that’s not your style, DLT can provide ongoing maintenance. If you just want some basic WordPress training and and aren’t looking for a full website buildout, we would be happy to provide training at our standard hourly rate.

We don’t have any high quality images, do you have any recommendations?

There are several websites that offer affordable stock images for use on your website. Most images cost between five and twenty dollars per high-resolution image. We typically recommend and Fotolia. If you like one of our photos or our clients’ photos, it is safe to assume it was purchased at one of these websites.

Can you help us develop content for our site?

We provide copywriting services and can develop unique page content for an additional fee. We can also refer you to content marketing experts who we’ve worked with before and who we consider to be trusted advisers and service providers.