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About Us

DLT Digital Media has been around in some form or fashion since 2005. That was the year that I really started honing my skills with the WordPress platform. I started out as a client myself, though as an IT professional I already had above average background on web development.

At the time, I was managing and running our biggest site, ZoKnowsGaming, and people started saying how much they liked the design and asked who did it for me. I responded that I actually do all the maintenance and design and well the rest is history. I pulled in my best friend Travis Wilson and we were off and running. Over the last few years we’ve done a lot of smaller projects while continuing to refine our business model and company culture.

We are now at the point, where we are ready to expand and do more. We build, secure, and design WordPress based websites, everything from personal blogs to business websites. The reason we use WordPress exclusively is because of the versatility of the platform, but more for the overall ease of use for our clients. At the end of a project, our goal is that the client can manage the day to day business of their website without the need of a web professional. They should be able to add pages and images and tons of other features themselves without the fear of “messing something up”. Of course if there is something big they need to do then we are more than happy to help but we feel that clients should at least have the ability to manage their own site if they choose.

You should be able to get a quality website at an affordable price. We are willing and able to help you make your vision a reality, let’s chat.